My Work

Beverage Label Redesign

Piton Beer

A redesign of an alcoholic beverage label, Piton Beer is a brew that comes from St. Lucia which is a country known best for its two famous landmarks, the Piton mountains. The label was modernized yet keeping the idea of the landmarks alive, along with the nature of the island. The pattern gives the label a fun and engaging look, keeping to the rich, fun taste of the beer.


Product & Packaging Design


A reinvented product design, along with a unique logo and packaging. This scarf made from a silk fabric and lace fabric to give a truly unique look great for a spring accessory.


Special Invitation

Winnipeg Wine Festival

Given first fifty people that bought tickets to the 2015 Winnipeg Wine Festival, these lucky winners are reimbursed for their purchase of one ticket to the 2015 event. This invitation features a unique card, a magnet, instructions for getting one free ticket and a special gift, all with a Chilean theme, to match the 2015 festival. All packaged in a wooden box with rustic bedding to give a rustic winemaking feeling.


Business Brochure & Logo Redesign

Elite Lighting

A redesign of a logo and the production of a brochure for an existing local company, Elite Lighting. The logo was updated and modernized to give a more professional look. The brochure is a small booklet telling other companies about themselves and what they do, using small amounts of text and professional, engaging images.


Product Feature Illustration


An advertisement for Skittles, using vector illustrations for a very unique look. The ad is very colourful and fun to promote the nature that skittles give.


iPhone Case Design

Two digital illustration iPhone case designs, that are very different from each other. The lego case design is a vector illustration and the tiger case design is a digital painting.


App Concept and Design


Group Project Role: UI Design

A user friendly app that takes the user to any getaway location in the world, using virtual reality glasses. Great for use as a stress reliever, that will allow any user to take a “Staycation” without leaving the home or office.


App Concept & Design


An easy-to-use app for snowboard and ski enthusiasts, giving basic information about every single resort in the world. Every resort also has it’s own trail map which has navigational functions and the user also has the ability to upload photos and videos to the map.


About Me

Hi there! I’m a graphic designer from a small town in southern Manitoba, called Carman. I have been interested in drawing and painting for as long as I remember, and upon hearing about Red River’s Graphic Design Program, I thought I would try it out. I have learned so much over the past two years and I hope to continue learning even more in the design field.

I take pride in my work, and will work hard to accomplish what it must. I enjoy helping clients and help them achieve what they want. Not only am I passionate about design and illustration, I also love to travel and take part in various sports such as soccer, snowboarding and horseback riding. I believe that these things give me a more open mind, which helps in my design and illustration works.

If you like my work and are interested, feel free to contact me if you think that I can help you or your business. Just send me an email at, or click the email link!